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About My Studio

Who Should Study Music?


   I accept students at all levels, and ages 4 to adult. (It's never too late!)

 Everyone has the potential for creative expression. 

Finding the Right Teacher


 I may be the teacher you have  been looking for.  I have very successfully taught piano and theory for  a great many years, and I receive a lot of personal satisfaction from  helping others learn to play the piano.  It's a skill that can enrich  your life enormously!  

What Will You Learn?


- Learn a wide variety of piano styles

- Read music fluently

- Play with correct technique

- Understand music theory

- Prepare for RCM examinations all levels to ARCT in piano and theory

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Everyone has the potential for creative  expression.  My goal is to help all my students become creative and  learn to express themselves through the refinement of playing  traditional piano very well, both technically and musically. My students  are also encouraged to explore and develop skills in a variety of newer  styles. 


My appoach as a piano and theory teacher is enthusiastic,  friendly and encouraging, while serious. I help my students to  understand, as well as to play, the music they are learning.  

Beginning students of all ages will enjoy  learning to play a wide variety of piano styles. They will be taught to  read music fluently, play with correct technique, understand music  theory, and develop their individual creativitiy and self-expression.   They will have frequent recital opportunities. 

If you want to continue learning just for  pleasure, I'm very happy to assist you with that goal. For those  interested in the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music exam process, as a piano and theory teacher I  have the expertise, experience and sheer love of music, to take you  through all levels including the A.R.C.T. diploma in both piano and  theoretical subjects.  

About Myself


My name is Janice Beninger.  I hold a MMus from the University of Western Ontario, am a Registered Music Teacher (RMT), and am a Certified Piano and Theory Teacher for the Royal Conservatory of Music. For over thirty years I have very successfully taught piano and theory to a wide range of students ages four and up, including a good number of adults, and at all levels of study. 

Other music teaching experiences include teaching music at a Waldorf School and Music for Young Children classes, and lecturing in Harmony at McMaster University,  I am an active performer. Experiences include currently being the pianist in a concert organ/piano duo, Four Hands Two Feet. www.fourhandstwofeet.ca

I have worked as a university choral ensemble director, and as a community choir director for both adult and children's choirs, and currently direct the 60-voice Burlington Welsh Male Chorus and the Burlington Welsh Ladies Chorus. I served five years as pianist for Symphony Hamilton; held various positions in church music as organist/choir director; was pianist/music director for professional and community musical theatre productions; and played piano in a jazz band; I currently do choral, vocal and instrumental accompanying.


 "Hi  D. - just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for  recommending Janice as a possible piano teacher for our son.  He  thoroughly enjoys her and we appreciate her credentials, positive  learning environment and teaching style.  Thanks again." - M.M.

"I  want to thank you for your excellent teaching and your patience with  me. It was wonderful to start to learn the piano at my age from a  teacher like you." - W.C. 

"Thank  you for all these years of patient teaching. It is through the piano  that I have found music in my life. Not only have you taught me how to  play, you have instilled in me a love of music and a deeper  understanding and emotional connection to it. I know the piano will  always be a part of my life." - T.R.

"Thank  you for all you do for all your music students - you're not only  enriching their lives but you are enriching all of our lives as well." -  P.R.

"Thank you for teaching me more piano. It is always fun when you are teaching me." - C.R.

"Thanks  for your kindness and patience this year being H's and my first foray  into music and piano. E has shown remarkable progress and we all look  forward to next year. Thanks!" - J.B. 

 "Thank  you so much for offering a very lovely summer recital last Sunday - we  all enjoyed it greatly! And we are truly grateful for your patience with  C this year - keeping her connected with the piano in moments of severe  wavering!" - S.H.

 "Thank you for teaching C to actually enjoy Harmony in such a rushed time frame." - L.W.

"I've had so much fun since taking lessons again.  Thank you for your gift of teaching." - T.B.

 "We  are all very grateful to you for encouraging the music that was in her  and helping her take delight in all things musical. Your work with her  will continue to enrich her life." - P.R.


What Will it Cost?

I charge $60 per hour.  Beginners start at 30 or 45 minute lessons weekly.  

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you.


38 Highland Park Drive, Dundas, ON L9H 6G6, CA

(289) 238-8550

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